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No More consignments sales. You may sell your equipment, by yourself, through the Mantek web site for FREE.

Used Equipment Advertising

As a way of helping the Mac Community, ManTek provides FREE advertising of your Mac equipment on this Web-site. It will be listed under the "Used Equipment" section of the Mantek Catalogue. NO DOS/Windows equipment will be posted, so don't try. Advertisments will stay up for 1 Month, at which time you may ask for a time extension. Changes can be requested at any time. Please indicate Town, City, Province that you are in. A Dollar ($) value is a must for the ads unless the equipment is a parts machine or an antique. Please inform us if your equipment is sold, so the ad can be removed and the list remains current. Remember this service is FREE, but if you are really, really pleased with the service, you may voluntarily send a donation of $5 to $10 to "The Sleeva Family". You can Email your ad to me (rsleeva@mantek.mb.ca). Mantek reserves the right to refuse posting of specific ads. No dealers, resellers please. Ads are usually posted within 24 hours

Please don't be offended if after a Month, your ad disappears, it just means the time was up. Just ask for it to be reposted, as not much work is involved in bringing it back. We must keep this list current, or nobody comes back to it.

We don't want you exposed to junk email by posting your email address here. We tried encrypting the email address but it slowed down the older Browsers and sometimes hung them. So we are now trying to add some characters into the email address. When you click on an address to contact the advertiser, you will have to delete two of the "@@" from the address. Not as convenient as the old method but it now allows everyone to view the ads.