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Recent additions:

  • (October 3/15) Web Hosting moved to EntirelyDigital, which bought New Winnipeg Media.
  • (March 23/12) There is a new email address for sending in your ads to be posted.
  • (March 23/12) We have switched to a different Web Hosting company (New Winnipeg Media).
  • (July 02/10) Fax line no more. Please email PDF of Purchase Order.

    If you would like a quote on something not listed in this price list, please email or call 204-697-9700 or 1-800-697-9708 (outside of Winnipeg).

    We accept INTERAC, MASTERCARD and VISA NO surcharge for paying by Credit Card, as do a lot of other Companies (read their fine print).

    Last update made to each Section:

    (items updated individually within each Section)
    CAMERAS - old prices
    CPU UPGRADES - old prices
    DRIVES - old prices
    IPODS - old prices
    MEMORY - old prices
    MISC. - old prices
    MONITORS - old prices
    NETWORK - old prices
    SCANNERS - old prices
    SOFTWARE - old prices
    PRINTERS - old prices
    TABLETS - old prices
    USB - old prices
    USED EQUIP. - April 23/24
    VIDEO CARDS - old prices

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