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About ManTek

ManTek was created in November 1993.

The reason for starting the business was:

  • A few friends kept harping at me, that I should be charging for services of helping out people. I would like to thank them - They know who they are.
  • I was always disturbed at seeing a huge price difference between devices for Macs and DOS Computers. Just because it's for a Mac, it doesn't mean it has to cost 50% more.
  • People saying there is nothing out there for Macs.

ManTek stands for Manitoba Technical.


ManTek is a part-time business, which means that I have a full-time job. I work as a Computer Technician at a School Division in Winnipeg. In the past, the majority of the Division's computers were Macintosh and I had my Apple Service Certification. Life was simple. The Division has switched to Windows based computers and I therefoe got my Microsoft Certification (MCDST). I leave my headaches at work and only deal with Mac's at home. I have a low overhead, because the business is part-time and can bring you some incredible prices. This is not a "Get Rich Quick" business, more of a love to the Macintosh platform. I have no expensive hobbies to feed and therefore will pass the savings onto you.

I hope to be able to help you with your Macintosh needs soon.

You can contact me by:

  • Phone: 204-697-9700 (Wpg.) or 1-800-697-9708 During a weekday, you will have to leave me a voice message. I will try to get back to you ASAP. Evenings and weekends you should be able to reach me.
  • Email: sales@mantek.mb.ca for sales/price related items or rsleeva@mantek.mb.ca for other interests.
  • Fax: Please attach PDF to an email, instead of a Fax.